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SL Capital AB is a privately held real-estate investment company, founded in 2002. All of our properties are located in Copenhagen. 

Board of Directors

Roger Carhult
Board Member

Torben Svenningsen

Søren Maigaard
Chairman of the Board


Some of our properties


Invest Bremerholm 18 fotograf Peter Dahl
Bremerholm 18 / Vingårdstræde 18, 1070 Copenhagen

Price: DKK 100.000.000

Rental Income: DKK 2.300.000

Size: 1400 m2

Type: Office and Retail

Yield: 2,00%

Rathsacksvej 12,
1862 Frederiksberg

Price: DKK 50.000.000

Rental Income: DKK 1.600.000

Size: 500 m2

Type: Kindergarten

Yield: 3,00%

Sankt Hans Gade 19,
2200 Copenhagen

Price: DKK 70.000.000

Rental Income: DKK 2.100.000

Size: 1350 m2

Type: Office and Residential

Yield: 2,50%

Lyngbyvej 317A,
2820 Gentofte

Price: DKK 30.000.000

Rental Income: DKK 1.800.000

Size: 1900 m2

Type: Fitness Studio and Office

Yield: 6,00%

Invest Rebekkavej fotograf Peter Dahlerup F_5154.jpg
Rebekkavej 10, 2900 Hellerup

Price: DKK 35.000.000

Rental Income: DKK 1.100.000

Size: 800 m2

Type: Residential

Yield: 2,00%

Invest Øresundsvej fotograf Peter Dahlerup F_5185.jpg
Øresundsvej 94, 2300 Copenhagen

Price: DKK 50.000.000

Rental Income: DKK 1.800.000

Size: 1285 m2

Type: Student Housing

Yield: 3,00%




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Shareholders Meetings

Next Shareholders Meeting will be on june 27th 2024, at 17.30, at Radisson Hotel, Södra Hamngatan, Göteborg


Contact Info
Torben Svenningsen

SL Capital AB (publ) is registered with Bolagsverket in Sweden, reg. no 556616-6343.

Visiting Address
Östra Hamngatan 17
411 10 Gothenburg

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