SL Capital AB is a real-estate investment company. We currently own 7 properties, all located in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Pictures of our properties

Invest Lyngbyvej Gentofte fotograf Peter
Lyngbyvej 317A, 2820 Gentofte

This 1700m2 property has hosted sports activites since 1969. It is located in Gentofte Council north of Copenhagen. Current tenant is Fitness World. On the top floor there are 10 small offices.

Ryesgade 15 - 17 Basement, 2200 Copenhagen

Ryesgade 15-17 lower floor is a 1050 m2 office space. Tenants include IT-companies and consultants. The offices are spacious and bright, and rent levels are 50% below market.

Invest Bremerholm 18 fotograf Peter Dahl
Bremerholm 18 / Vingårdstræde 18, 1070 Copenhagen

This 1600m2 property is located in the heart of Copenhagen, only 100 meters from Kongens Nytorv. The main tenant, occupying 85% of the building, is a not-for profit organisation funded by the council.

Sankt Hans Gade 19,
2200 Copenhagen

This property is located in a highly attractive residential area, close to the lakes. The area is 1350m2 plus basement. Tenants include a bar, an it-company, a psychologist as well as a not-for profit organisation and 6 residential apartments on the top floors.

Rebekkavej 10
2900 Hellerup

This 800m2 building is located a few minutes walk from Hellerup Station, in a very quiet residential area. The property hosts 7 residential apartments and a beauty saloon in the lower ground area. 

Invest Øresundsvej fotograf Peter Dahlerup F_5185.jpg
Øresundsvej 94,
2300 Copenhagen

This is a 1283m2 student home, close to metro and the beach, with 24 student apartments and a real estate agent on the ground floor. There is a very long waiting list, as rental levels are far below market price. 

Gladsaxevej 22-26, 2860 Søborg

This 2150 m2 property consists of 18 apartments with full basement area for storage and facilities. The apartments will be let out in the fall of 2022. The property as been built to very high standards.


Board of Directors

Roger Carhult
Board Member

Søren Maigaard
Chairman of the Board

Torben Svenningsen




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Selling or Buying ?

We are always on the lookout for new buildings to purchase in the greater Copenhagen area, so if you have a property for sale, please let us know, and we will be happy to submit an offer. We also welcome offers on properties in our own portfolio.


Please contact Torben Svenningsen via email, telephone or the mesage link below. 

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Torben Svenningsen, CEO

Tenants in our buildings

Tenants at Øresundsvej:

Please contact Kollegiernes Kontor, Dahlerupsgade 3, 1603 København V, Telephone +45 3363 0500.

Tenants at Rebekkavej, Sankt Hans Gade,

Bremerholm, Lyngbyvej, Gladsaxevej and Ryesgade:

Please contact Cobblestone, Gammel Køge Landevej 57, 3. sal. Telephone +45 7022 2215.